Pastoral Training for Expository Preaching and Ministry

Our Mission:

Equip Pastors Worldwide.

We believe the most strategic way to make disciples around the world is by working with indigenous pastors, giving them the tools they need to fulfill their mandate to accurately and clearly exposit the Word of God. In following 2 Tim 2:2, our goal is to produce biblically trained church leaders who will in turn influence the communities around them.


Our Approach

We work primarily with The Masters Academy International (TMAI) in their training centers around the world. Using a modular method (an intensive week-long session every few months), the pastors are able to come to a central location in their home country and learn doctrinal truths, exegetical skills, and pastoral ministry, while remaining fully involved in their local churches. This approach is a far most cost-effective and time-efficient strategy than having pastors participate in a traditional residential program in U.S. seminaries.

Key Partners

Currently, our key partners are Central African Preaching Academy (CAPA) in Malawi and The Expositors Academy (TEA) in the Philippines.



In our partnership with TEA and CAPA during the last several years, over 150 students have received training in such things as pastoral ministry, theology, expository preaching, and bible survey.



Graduates Teaching

One of our greatest joys is to see our seminary graduates in turn teaching the modules themselves. The work entrusted to faithful men is then passed on and multiplied.



Years in Ministry

Dr. Tim Carns has served as a church leader, pastor, and professor for nearly twenty-five years. He received his MDiv and DMin from the Master’s Seminary.


Meet Tim and Tina

Tim and Tina were saved in 1986 as a part of the college outreach at Grace Community Church. Since then, they have been privileged to serve in many various capacities in the church, both as lay leaders and formal pastoral ministry. They began Pastors Training Ministry in 2015.

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