March ’16 Pastor Training Ministry Update

"You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene who has been crucified. He has risen. He is not here" (Mark 16:6)

CBC Hosts TMAI Conference

Earlier this month, our home church (Calvary Bible Church) had the privilege of hosting the 2016 conference for The Master’s Academy International (TMAI). The conference was focused on “Missions in the Local Church.” Over 500 participants representing 208 churches gathered to focus on how the local church can maximize its effectiveness in reaching its Jerusalem, Samaria and the ends of the earth. Several speakers, including John MacArthur, spoke on the mandate for the church to be missions-minded. I had the honor to serve on a Q&A panel which offered many practical ideas how pastors and leaders can foster an environment of missions in their local churches. You can hear the messages and Q&A at TMAI LogoThe conference was a great opportunity for our church to support the mission of TMAI to train gifted men to lead the church in their own cultural context. This vision follows the example of the apostle Paul in Ephesus, where Acts 19 says that he was "reasoning daily in the school of Tyrannus which to place for two years so that all who lived in Asia heard the word of the Lord both Jews and Greeks".Please pray with along with us as TMAI makes every effort to open more training centers around the world. The need is great but the workers are few..

Headed to the Philippines in Just 2 days!

PhillipinesOn March 30th I head out to the Philippines to teach the first module of the newly launched training program for pastors on Expository Preaching and Pastoral ministry. You can find more details about the program as well as my role in my Jan ’16 update at the pastoral training I will be teaching conferences in both Quezon City as well as Davao City (you can find these locations on the neighboring map). In addition to that, I will be participating in local outreach with Soli Deo Gloria Church in Davao with our Short Term Missions team from Calvary Bible Church. Here are the details of my itinerary so you can be praying for me.(3/31-4/3) Quezon City: conference at Higher Rock Church on spiritual warfare(4/5-4/8) Davao City: conference at Soli Deo Gloria Church on growing a healthy church(4/11-4/16) Davao City: pastor training on Expository Preaching for The Expositor’s Academy(4/18-4/23) Cebu City: pastor training on Expository Preaching for The Expositor’s Academy.

Prayer requests for the trip

The churches: pray that our short-term missions team will be a blessing to the local churches we will be serving while we are there. Pray that the outreaches, conferences and sermons would strengthen the churches.Preaching and teaching: pray that I would be accurate and clear in proclaiming God’s word as I teach and preach throughout my time there.My health: please pray for my physical strength as I will be doing a lot of teaching while I am there. Pray especially for the beginning of our trip as we arrive in Manila on Friday night and I will then be teaching an all-day seminar the following day.The Pastors: pray that I would be a help and encouragement to the pastors I will be teaching in Davao and Cebu.Safety: please pray also for our safety in travel and while we are there.Family: I would appreciate your prayer for Tina as I will be gone nearly a month. Pray for me too as I am going to miss her.Also, we would appreciate your continued prayer regarding our support raising. We are approaching 80% of what is needed for personal and travel expenses for the ministry. If the Lord leads you to desire to support this ministry, you can do so by check made out to Calvary Bible Church with ‘suggested use Carns Missions’ on the memo line. The check can be placed in the Sunday offering or mailed to Calvary Bible Church at 1101 S. Main St, Burbank, CA 91506.He is risen indeed!

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