TMAI Interview – Missions Insights with Pastor Tim Carns

tmai-interview-2-3-16.png’ve had the privilege to be part of several trips, visiting and teaching at TMAI training centers. I think the thing that hits me every time is when I step off the plane and I meet another brother or sister in another land who is a fellow believer. That instant bond we share – I’m most impacted by this, knowing that I have different family members around the world that I’m just now getting to meet. I have the privilege and opportunity to hopefully impart something to them, but so much is imparted to me as well I learn how they walk by faith. In many countries they don’t have the same comforts and luxuries that we have and just seeing how they genuinely live out their faith before Christ and how they have a heart for reaching the lost. But I think that most affects me and the thing I most appreciate is that brotherly and sisterly love that we have because of our relationship with Jesus Christ.