Jan '18 Update: First Trip of the Year

Well, 2018 barely started and I was on an airplane for the first of four planned trips to the Philippines this year. I traveled to Baguio and Quezon City (in the Manila area) to teach Module 3 of the Expository Preaching program.In this module, we covered a number of topics, including:

  • how to study and preach from the poetic portions of Scripture

  • TMAI missionary Sean Ransom taught on some key theological issues related to salvation and sanctification

  • preaching labs where the men were evaluated on sermons they prepared from narrative texts

I continue to be encouraged by the men’s skill in handling the word accurately from some difficult passages as well as their hunger to know more.The group in Baguio, with 19 men, is the largest of the four groups being trained. Among the many things that are encouraging about this group is that several of the men attend the training though they are not full time pastors but are elders who want to grow in their understanding of how to study and teach the Word. They are such an example of men dedicated to feeding the flock.I was equally blessed by my time spent with the men at Higher Rock Christian Church in Quezon City. They too were a great encouragement in their desire to know how to study the Scriptures and teach them clearly and accurately. I also got a chance to show them how it is done during class (see the picture below).Okay, that may have been staged, but it does show the relationships that are being built as a result of this ministry. Not only do I get the opportunity to spend time with the pastors but also with the many brothers and sisters at their churches. As seen within Paul’s letters, ministry is not just about imparting information but it also has a personal side because ministry is people. Another way that I experienced this on my recent trip was in the attending of the wedding of the daughter of Bob Amigo, the pastor at Higher Rock. It was a wonderful time of joy and celebration, one that I am honored and grateful to have been a part of. Upon my return home I was able to experience another joy—grandchildren. What a feeling to come home to these kids and also getting to meet two of them for the first time—my sweet granddaughters, Annecy (left) and Sevigne (right).Plans for 2018As for the rest of the year, I have three more trips to the Philippines planned, as well as a trip to Malawi in the fall to teach at the Central African Preaching Academy. This year I also plan to explore other opportunities to expand the training ministry. I am working with the TMAI missionaries in the Philippines as we consider other potential training locations not only in the Philippines but also in other parts of Asia. More on that in future updates. In the meantime, please be in prayer for God’s wisdom as to these opportunities.Prayer Requests

  • 2018 Trips: Please pray for the upcoming trips this year to the Philippines and Malawi. Pray for my teaching preparation and that the Lord would use me to be a help and encouragement to the pastors. My next trip is to the Philippines (Cebu and Davao) in mid-April. Please also be in prayer for wisdom as to other training opportunities that I am considering.

  • Doctor of Ministry Studies: Praising the Lord that I was able to turn my full draft in for review. I am now awaiting a date to give my oral defense. Once that hurdle is passed I then need to incorporate any edits suggested by my advisor, second reader and oral defense committee. Please be praying for my oral defense (no date yet).

  • Family: God has been so kind in bringing our two granddaughters (Annecy Grace and Sevigne Marie) to us in good health. Please be in prayer for Michael and Hannah as their lives just got very busy!

  • Support: Thank you for your ongoing support. Please continue to pray for more churches would commit to support the Pastors Training Ministry this year.

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