June '18 Update: Europe!


A Refreshing Time Away

Well, Tina and I just got back from our vacation in Europe, which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What a great time to be away together as we hiked along the Greek isles, enjoyed the amazing scenery of Switzerland, and viewed the rich history of Rome. We took lots of pictures but there is only space to share a few with you. 

CAPA Thank You

In last month’s update, I mentioned the first class of MDiv graduates from CAPA (Central African Preaching Academy) in Malawi. While I was with them, these men were so grateful for the support being given to the missionaries that frees them up to do the training. Here is a video from my last trip where one of the graduating students expresses his thanks on behalf of his classmates.https://vimeo.com/276958148

Prayer Requests

  • We thank the Lord for the time He gave us to spend together. It allowed us to grow closer to one another and to be refreshed.

  • Please pray for my preparations this summer as I get ready for a heavy amount of training August thru October in Malawi, the Philippines, and possibly Cambodia.

  • Pray also for Carissa as she raises support and prepares for her Short Term Missions trip to Malawi in August.

If You Wish to Support Us

If the Lord leads you to support this ministry, you can do so by check or online.

  • Give by check by making it out to Calvary Bible Church with ‘suggested use Carns Missions’ on the memo line. The check can be placed in the Sunday offering or mailed to Calvary Bible Church at 1101 S. Main St, Burbank, CA 91506.

  • Automate your giving by sending a weekly or monthly check through your local bank. Usually, this can be done through a Pay Bills feature on your bank’s website or app.