March ’19 Update

ShepCon Reunion and Back to the Philippines

As I write this update, I am somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on my way to the Philippines. (Are we there yet?) Thankfully, I was able to get a little sleep on this flight and so I think I’m coherent enough to put together a brief update for you.

Hey Yo! On My Way to CDO.


The first leg of this trip will be to Cagayan de Oro (CDO for short) where we will be starting the very first modular expository preaching program for this area. I initially had the opportunity to visit CDO last August during a conference that Steve Lawson held on preaching the gospel. At that time, I met with several pastors and church leaders who were interested in the preaching program, including Pastor Bobi, senior pastor of The Way Christian Ministry (TWCM). Pastor Bobi was the one who connected with me at the Shepherd’s Conference last year and asked about the possibility of doing training in his area. And now, just one year later, here we are ready to begin.

It is going to be a busy trip. (So what else is new?) I am scheduled to arrive at CDO on Saturday night and then will find myself in the pulpit at TWCM first thing Sunday morning. On Monday, we begin the first module of the preaching program where we will cover the fundamentals of exegesis and exposition. Then, on Friday, I have been asked to teach a seminar to the saints at TWCM on the priorities of parenting.


The preaching conference held at CDO by Steve Lawson last August. Pastor Bobi is seated in the lower left next to Pastor Jurem from Soli Deo Gloria Christian Church in Davao City.

Second Stop: Cebu Preaching Lab

After my time in CDO, I will then make my way to Cebu for the second leg of the trip. It is there that I will be teaching Module 2 to our second batch of students in Cebu. In this module, the guys will get their first opportunity to experience the joys of Preaching Lab where they will be preaching their two sermons from the book of Ephesians.

This will prove to be a challenge for us because there are about 35 guys who will be preaching and, at two sermons each, that is a lot of sermons to evaluate. To do this, we will divide them up into groups of about 6 each to make the evaluation more manageable. But that means we need six qualified lab leaders to give feedback and grade the sermons. In previous modules, we would not have been able to handle that many guys, but I am greatly encouraged by the fact that we will have three graduates of the preaching program to lead lab groups. They are Stanley Dumanig (from Soli Deo Gloria in Davao) along with A.J. and T.J. Caparros (from Living Word in Cebu). This is an exciting step in the 2 Tim 2:2 principle of training faithful men who then train others to accurately and clearly and boldly proclaim the Word of God.

Graduates of the preaching program are now leading groups, enabling us to be able to train even more men in the exposition of God's Word.

Hosting Our Filipino Brothers and Sisters


 Speaking of accurate and bold preaching, the aforementioned Pastor T.J. recently preached at our church’s annual Missions Conference. He came to the U.S. to attend the Shepherd’s Conference, and was thus available to bring the Word to us while he was here. Many in our congregation were both challenged and encouraged by his message from 1 Timothy (if you want to see it, click this link). I too was blessed, not only by having one of our own graduates preaching at my church, but also to because of how his message impacted me.

In addition to T.J., several other Filipino pastors and their wives also came out for Shepherd’s Conference. Pastor Robbie Casas and his wife, Mavie (from Guiding Light Church in Baguio City); Pastor Bob Amigo and his wife, Sukie (from Higher Rock Church in Quezon City) along with several others were able to visit our home for food and fellowship and a great time of singing together. 


While they were here, we were able to take some of them to key landmarks, including the Hollywood sign (of course) as well as Disneyland (special thanks to a generous member of our church who donated the tickets). Having these dear brothers and sisters here was such a joy because we were able to host those who have been such kind and gracious hosts to us during our many times in the Philippines.


Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for my current trip which will run from 3/29 to 4/15. Pray for health and safety and especially that the Spirit would enable me to be accurate and clear in the many teaching and preaching opportunities I will have throughout the time I am here.

  • Pray also for Tina as she prepares for a women’s conference that she is doing at Living Word Christian Church. She will be teaching four sessions on being set apart along with a Q&A. Pray for her travel as she will be joining me in Cebu on April 6th (her birthday).

  • Please be praying for the pastors in CDO and Cebu who will be attending training, that God would give them a greater understanding of how to more effectively study and preach the word. That means you need to pray for their teacher to be clear in his teaching. :)

  • Your continued prayers for provision for Brie as she applies for grants and scholarships for college.

  • Please also keep praying for our support. The Lord continues to move people to give for which we are very humbled and grateful. We still are in need of about $800-900 per month.

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