Tina’s Top 3 Health Boosters for Families


People who know me, know I haven’t been able to eat “clean” for various reasons, but mostly because there were 7 of us at home for a very long time and it didn’t work for us financially, especially when Tim started full-time ministry. However, it was very important to me to do everything I could to keep my family healthy so that I could be faithful in both my home and ministry.My philosophy has always been to try the $10 solution instead of the $100 solution, and as I have prayed for inexpensive solutions for my family’s health, these are the “tried and true” items that have stuck. I feel like I can justify spending the money for these products because they last 3-6 months and they are much cheaper than a $40 copay for a doctor visit + $25 for prescription medicine x multiple people in the house.With these products, our family was able to maintain overall day-to-day health and I was able to maintain my energy! Daniel and Carissa have only taken antibiotics twice in the last 15 years, and Carissa lasted 7 years before she went to the doctor because she was so healthy. I really wish I had found these products when my older two kids were younger.

1.     American Biotech Labs Silver Biotics  silver-biotics

Immune booster, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial ionized silver liquidWhen to take it: we use this as the catch-all supplement. It works for almost everything and best of all, it tastes like WATER! Sore throat? Gargle silver. Getting a cold? Take silver. Have a nasty cut? Put some silver on it. It also gets rid of pink eye very quickly. It is taken internally, but can be used topically to treat any kind of bacteria on the skin.Adults can take up to 3 tsp per day and kids can take up to ½ a tsp.Buy on Silver Biotics on Amazon

2.     HealthForce Vitamineral Green SuperFood Powder (aka Green Stuff)

General immunity booster, energy booster, and probiotic made of dense green superfoods (one of the few I have found without fillers)vitamineral-green I didn’t know about this product until 2001. After that, I began to give my kids “green applesauce”. One young mom calls it “hulk powder”, and her kids love that!  I added it to my youngest daughter’s rice cereal beginning 4 months. When you see any symptom of illness, begin taking this immediately and cut out any foods with processed sugar to boost immune system. Some people cannot take this at night because it gives them too much energy.When to take it: while healthy, we take one heaping tsp. a day in orange juice, applesauce, or water. When sick, we take a tbsp. 3-4x per day!Buy Green Powder on Amazon or I will buy at Sprouts when they have their quarterly 25% sale on vitamins

3.     Cod Liver Oil

Vitamin A, Vitamin D, anti-inflammatorycod-liver-oil A nutritionist once told me if someone takes enough vitamin A then he/she will never have an infection.  When my youngest daughter was born with a physical disability (read her story here),  the doctor told us to give her a daily dose of antibiotics because she had reflux in her ureters and would be prone to urinary tract infections. I knew that taking a daily antibiotic could cause other problems in her gut, so I told the doctor I would like to try a natural supplement before I proceeded with the antibiotic. From the time that she was 4 weeks old, I put a ¼ teaspoon of emulsified cod liver oil in a syringe and gave it to her like medicine. In 15 years, my daughter has only had 2 urinary tract infections. She still doesn’t take a daily dose of antibiotics. We thank God for providing health for her in this way.When to take it: a daily dose will help with general immunity and brain function. Check the dosage on the label, different cod liver oils will have different recommendations, but this can be used in infants, children and adults! We use TwinLabs Emulsified Cod Liver Oil or Orange-flavored Carlson’s Norwegian Cod liver oil. Buy Cod Liver Oil on Amazon

BONUS FOR MOMS! Emergen-C or B Complex

For all you TIRED MOMS, the more demands on your body and the less sleep you get, then the more B vitamins your body uses to deal with physical stressors. The B Vitamins are an important vitamin to nourish your adrenal system as well. Having babies and taking care of kids require a lot of energy. emergenc-cEmergen-C has the full panel of B vitamins or you can buy a bottle from Sprouts and drop them under your tongue. It is important to note that B vitamins are water soluable, so your body flushes out what it doesn’t need. Also, don’t take them with caffeine because caffeine is a diuretic and will wash all the vitamins out of your body through your urine!Here is a link that gives the benefits to B vitamins: Liquid Form of Vitamin B Complex – How Is It Beneficial?It was work to (1) remember to give these to the kids and (2) to make them take it, but worth the battle. God is in control of our health, but we need to make sure that we are diligent to keep our bodies healthy so we can carry out His work.