September '17 Update


Around the World

A Recap Around the World

Well, I survived my 30 day trip around the world. Thank you so much for your prayers. It was a great blessing and encouragement to see the growth in the men as a result of the training.Here is a little recap of my month. For those of you that follow our Pastors Training Ministry Facebook page, some of this may look familiar. :) TMAI meeting.jpg

TMAI Regional Meeting in Singapore

We had a fruitful time discussing how to be a help to the nations here and how to get a training center going. There was also a Shepherd's conference for Asia going on, with over 10 Asian nations represented.I was blessed by a time of prayer where 7 men from different countries prayed in their own language. It was an incredible reminder of the beauty and diversity in the body of Christ.

Philippines - Baguio & Manila

Tina was able to join Tim for 2 weeks in the Philippines, along with an outreach team from Cornerstone Church in Riverside. It was a joy for them to be able to minister together....and experience Balut. Tina was a great blessing to the ladies there as she taught three seminars: "Getting to the Heart of Anger", "Parenting by Faith", and "Unmet Expectations".Tim finished a training session for 19 shepherds (pastors/elders) in Baguio. All participated and all worked hard to complete their assignments which included preaching two sermons from Ephesians. All the men were very receptive to the training and look forward to the next module.After Tina headed back to the States, Tim was able to finish another training module for the men in Manila and preach a sermon at Higher Rock Church before heading to Malawi.[gallery ids="889,888,872,871,869,868,887" type="rectangular" orderby="rand"]

A Week in Malawi

The final week of the trip in Malawi was incredibly busy! On Sunday, Carissa and I had a chance to visit a church in a nearby village to fellowship with believers there. We rode in a motorcycle powered vehicle called a Kabagi over the bumpy dirt roads. The driver kept having to stop and ask directions, so Carissa and I were wondering where we would end up. We did make it to the church and had a wonderful time of fellowship with our brothers and sisters at Living Waters Church in Liluni.I then had full days of teaching from Monday to Wednesday, teaching the prison epistles to the third year MDiv students and the Pentateuch to the first year MDiv students.[gallery ids="875,876,877,878,890" type="rectangular" orderby="rand"]

Prayer Requests

Please pray for my upcoming trip to the Philippines, this Wednesday from September 27 through October 16. We will be doing module for in Davao and Cebu.Also, please continue praying for the completion of my dissertation. The full draft is due in early January.Lastly, please pray for my health as I have been sick the last couple of days.