October 2017 Update: 50,000 Miles Later


Back to the Philippines

To say this has been a busy fall would be quite the understatement. Once I returned from my world tour in Aug-Sept, I was back on the road (or more precisely ‘in the air’) less than three weeks later, heading back to the Philippines.It was there in Cebu and Davao that I taught Module 4 of the Expository Preaching program. And of the six modules that make up the course, this one on the prophets is the most difficult due to the fact that the prophetic books combine several different genres. These include poetry, narrative, didactic (sermons) and prophecy. Thus, several of the students said this module was harder than anything they had done, to which I would replied, “I feel your pain! And so did my congregation when I tried to preach to them from the prophets.”In the end our time together was highly profitable as we saw how all that we have studied to this point gave them the tools to be able to tackle this challenging part of the Bible. By the end of the class, I could see the light going on for many of them. I will be excited to hear their sermons when I return in April for the 5th module.And speaking of their preaching, I have been extremely encouraged by it. If you remember, for each module they are assigned two passages to preach from the genre that we covered in the previous module. Thus, for Module 4 which covered poetry and wisdom literature, each man preached a psalm and a passage from the Proverbs. I was greatly blessed by their faithfulness to the text and their ability to preach it clearly and accurately. For the next module they will be preaching one passage from Zechariah and one from Revelation. Be praying for them![gallery ids="895,896" type="rectangular"]

Testimony from a Pastor in Malawi 

Another encouragement from this fall has been the opportunity to teach at the Central African Preaching Academy (CAPA) in Malawi. These men have been greatly blessed and have grown tremendously in handling accurately the Word of Truth from their training at CAPA. This video comes from one of the first year Masters of Divinity student who wanted to express his gratitude to you who have supported me being able to teach there.https://vimeo.com/240536530 His name is Chisomo and he is just one of the many students that you have made an impact on through your prayers and support. You can read more about Chisomo’s testimony, as well as those of all of the men at CAPA at the following link. http://capa.prayformalawi.com/studentsPrayer RequestsIn regards to prayer, here are some requests we would appreciate you lifting before the Lord.

  • Please pray for the pastors in Cebu and Davao as they study and prepare to preach from the prophets; pray as well for the men in Manila and Baguio as they prepare for Module 3 in January.
  • Please pray that God would raise up some other men to travel with me to the Philippines so that the missionaries there would be freed up to do other training.
  • Pray also for wisdom as we consider starting new modules next year either in same locations or perhaps in other locations in the Philippines.
  • Thank you for your continued prayers for my dissertation. I just turned in the third of four chapters (praise the Lord!). The next one is due at the beginning of December. And then I will have until January to make all the edits and corrections as well as rearrange some of the sections and add appendices and other details.
  • Family ThadThank you for your prayers for our family. We praise the Lord for the birth of our second grandson, Thaddeus Jude, to John and Bethany. He is healthy and doing well. Please be praying for Bethany’s recovery.
  • We continue to praise the Lord for you … may He bless you for your faithful care and support of this ministry

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