November '17 Update


A Note from Tina on Her Trip to Baguio City

Cornerstone Philippines TeamThis past August, I was able to spend a few weeks in the Philippines. This trip was a bit different for me because I traveled with a group of Christians from Cornerstone Bible Church in Riverside who were going for outreach at Guiding Light Christian Church in Baguio City. A brother from our own church, Jeremy Phillips, also joined us on the trip.Since Jeremy and I were “along for the ride”, we went with our Cornerstone brethren first to Seoul Korea for a very short layover which included a crazy public transportation encounter, an authentic Korean dinner in an alley restaurant and watching a public march against eating dogs!Once we got to Baguio City, a distinct highlight of this trip for me was the outreaches.  While I have been able to minister to the pastors’ wives and women at several churches in my past trips to the Philippines, these were the first organized evangelism opportunities in which I participated in the Philippines.[gallery ids="913,912" type="rectangular"]We packed more than 6 hours of outreach each day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:Tuesday: I shared the gospel with several students at the university campus.Wednesday: I taught public school children in the classroom a Bible lesson in the classroom. Giving gospel presentations to the upper grades was such an awesome experience.  Afterwards our group went to the government building and shared the gospel from office to office.

Most conversations began something like this

Philippine believer: “This is my friend Tina Carns from the United States”

Tina: Hi! I’ve come to share a special message of hope with you. Would you be interested in hearing it?

This was pretty much the ease of being able to share the gospel because the Filipino people are amiable to Americans. I would give a short presentation and then answer any questions.Thursday: We went door to door evangelizing in a mining camp. One of the pastors who is in Pastor Tim’s class has an outreach church in the mountains about an hour from the city. We were also able to invite them to the mid-week Bible study and church service that the pastor held there.  One highlight from the mining camp for me was visiting people in their hospital rooms and praying with them.  With each person, we shared the gospel and left literature for them to read.img_0925.jpgOne highlight and challenge came from these three women (pictured). They have such a heart for unreached people groups that they were in the process of being trained and sent out to countries where Americans would never be allowed. They were such a blessing and example to all of us of commitment to make Jesus known.As in past trips, I had the distinct privilege to teach the women on Friday night and Saturday morning. I had opportunity to share my testimony (there were unbelievers present as well) and open God’s word with a large group of women at each event.ACF2F046-9247-416E-AD8B-F900F8D5EEC3Tim and I were also blessed to have sweet fellowship with Pastor Robbie and his wife, Mavie. The Lord has allowed a special friendship to form and to experience mutual encouragement in the Lord. I thank the Lord for the privilege of serving alongside my husband and continue to hear from men in the training program about how blessed they are to have Pastor Tim come and teach them because they are learning so much. They also like to tell me how much work he assigns them!Thank you for your support and encouragement in this ministry.

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